Enhance the shape of the Eyes with Makeup

The use of the correct eye make-up and make-up tricks are necessary to make the shape, but possibly also the position of the eyes, look more attractive. You can make subtle corrections so that the eye shape looks good. Wrong use of colors can have an adverse effect, for example with regard to the distance between the eyes. herbalsdaily.com, real deal is possible with the help of an eyelash growth serum…

Also Look at the Skin Type:

Oily skin: prefer not to use cream eye shadow, it can run out. Preferably use powder eye shadow.
Normal skin: almost all types of eye shadow and eye pencils can be used.
Dry skin: preferably cream eye shadow or markers, powder eye shadow or eye pencil can possibly also be used. However, a very dry skin can feel somewhat tight because of this.
Sensitive skin / allergic: be careful and opt for hypo-allergenic makeup from, for example, Clinique. Unfortunately, an allergic reaction can never be ruled out completely, also because every skin reacts differently.

Recommended eye shadow colors:

Blue eyes: brown, copper colored, purple, pink, blue, turquoise, gray, silver and peach. Eyeshadow that contains orange hues makes the eyes appear even bluer. Shades of gray can also make the blue of the iris speak more.
Green eyes: various colors of brown, purple, pink, green, apricot, copper and gold.
Brown eyes: brown tones, lilac, azure, turquoise, pink, apricot, green and copper.
Gray eyes: pink, light brown, turquoise, blue, copper, gray and purple.

Makeup Tips:

Far apart eyes:
Emphasize the inner eye corners, here comes the dark color eye shadow. Choose lighter colors on the outside of the eyelids. Blend the whole. If eyeliner is used, make the line thicker at the inner corner of the eye. When applying mascara, emphasize the center of the eye. Only use the highlighter below the middle of the eyebrows.

Close eyes:
Light colors on the inner part of the eyelids. The dark colors appear on the outside. When using eyeliner, a darker color appears on the outer part of the eyelids. Mascara: extra on the outside of the lashes. Apply some pieces of false eyelashes to the outside of the eyelids. The highlighter comes under the outside of the eyebrows.

Small eyes:
Keep the colors light to the eye, a little darker above it. A white pencil line on the inner edge of the lower eyelid makes the eyes appear larger. Apply mascara especially on the outside of the eyelashes. The highlighter comes under the eyebrows.

Deep-set eyes:
Apply a light shade of eye shadow to the eyelid. Eyeliner: apply only a thin line. Mascara: emphasize the center of the eye. Take a highlighter in a covered color. Apply under the eyebrows and on the middle of the eyelids.

Swollen eyelids:
Covered shades on the eyelids. Eyeliner: a soft and rubbed line. Highlighter under the eyebrows and little mascara.

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