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Acne In The Neck – The 10 Best Tips

Acne can occur anywhere on the body. Many people are already happy when it is not on their face, but also in the neck and the upper back is not a nice face. In addition, it is difficult to wear light clothing because there may be stains when a pimple bursts and you often need help from others to squeeze the pimple. Acne in the neck is therefore no fun at all.

In this article I will discuss the causes of acne in the neck and you will get the 14 best tips to prevent acne in the neck and get it out of there.

Acne In The Neck

Greasy Hair

Oily hair can be a cause for acne in the neck. This is because the fat of the hair on the skin and then the pores can clog.

Wear Clothes too Long

The edge of your clothes, at the neck, is a gathering place for dead skin cells and bacteria. If you walk around with the same shirt too long, this may aggravate acne in the neck. This is because bacteria can cause clogged pores to ignite. This can also happen with sleepwear that is often used in tandem.

Bed Not Or Hardly Change

When you sleep you sweat a lot and the fat of your hair and your skin stays on the pillow, where your neck is on, and on the mattress.

Wear The Wrong Bra Or Do Not Wash Too Long

I checked with friends and yes there are bra ‘ s to once again be washed every two weeks. This may be the reason why pimples occur in the bra straps. The bra straps are a place where dead skin cells accumulate that again close the pores that are under the bra straps.

Narrow bra straps can also be the cause of acne on the upper back for women with a larger size. This is because these bands then cut into the skin and disturb the circulation and the transport of the fluid in the lymph system. This also increases the risk of acne in the neck and on the upper back.

Irritations For Certain Substances

Acne in the neck can also be a sign that your skin gets irritated by certain substances. For example, if you wear a clean shirt every day, you can check whether the detergent or softener causes the problem or whether the fabric of the clothing is the culprit.

Too Much Fatty Food

fatty foods

If you really like fries and pizza, this can make the acne in the neck and on the upper back worse. If you grab a fat bite more than once a week, it is wise to chart your diet .

Tips Against Acne In The Neck

Now that you have been able to look at a number of causes, you have probably come up with ideas that can help to reduce the acne on the neck and back. Read here tips specifically aimed at reducing acne in the neck and on the upper back.

1 Wear A Clean T-Shirt Every Day

By wearing a clean T-shirt every day, you ensure that you start fresh every day. Bacteria that have multiplied on the shirt from the previous day can not infect your neck if they are in the laundry basket.

Then this shirt starts all over again with collecting sebum and dead skin cells.

2 Clothing With Breathable Fabrics

It is also important that the shirts you wear consist of breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen. This ensures that sweat evaporates, so the chances are less that the sweat clogs your pores and leads to extra acne.

3 Change Your Bed Weekly

Change Your Bed Weekly

Sometimes it does not seem that important, but it is really important to change your bed regularly. Even if you always sleep in a very pajama suit. It can shift and often does not protect your neck. In any case, change your pillows regularly.

While you sleep you sweat a lot and the sebum stays behind on your bedding. Regular changing of your bed and cushion covers can therefore help reduce acne in the neck.

4 Wear Pajamas For Up To 3 Nights In A Row

Just like a T-shirt, a pajama also collects skin cells, sebum and bacteria that affect the development of acne. Change your pajamas regularly and at least every three nights, but preferably more often.

5 Wash / Replace Your Bra Regularly

If you find yourself in places where your bra straps are mostly affected by acne, that is a reason to do something with it. You might replace the bra too late or you were not often enough. Try replacing the bra just as often as a shirt or at least like the pajamas.

6 Provide Wide Bra Straps

If your bra is clean enough and he is regularly replaced, the width of the bra straps can also be the cause of acne. Especially if you have a larger cup size, the weight can cause the blood flow to be prevented. This can lead to blockages in the skin causing you to suffer from acne. Then try to buy a bra with a wider strap.

7 Buy A New Backpack With Wider Tires Or Use A Different Bag

Is it not the bra or do you not need a bra at all, but do you still suffer from acne at your shoulders and back? Then wearing a (heavy) backpack can be the culprit. Even then it is important to find a backpack with wider bands to distribute the pressure on the skin more evenly.

Moreover, wearing a backpack can prevent the evaporation of sweat.

If it is possible to wear a different type of bag that leaves the back more free for airing the skin, this is recommended for acne in the neck and on the upper back.

8 Wash Your Hair Regularly

Wash Your Hair

Greasy hair in the neck can clog your pores, causing pimples . So try to wash your hair at least every other day and also after exercising. That way you ensure that your hair is not too fat.

9 Use A Non-Greasy Conditioner

A good conditioner can be important if you have dry hair. Unfortunately, some conditioners for people with dry hair are greasy and sticky. This may cause a finer feeling of the hair, but it can also cause acne in the neck.

Experiment with different types of cream rinsing until you have found one that does not cause acne. Or do not use a conditioner for a while to find out if the cause of the acne is anything else.

10 Shower After Exercise Or Excessive Sweating

Sweat is one of the causes of acne. Acne on the neck caused by perspiration due to heat even called Mallorca acne. Many people from Northern Europe get acne in warmer climates, this has to do with sweating.

It is therefore very important to take another shower after exercising or sweating excessively . In this way you wash away salt and other substances that are pushed out of the body with the sweat and you keep a clean skin.


Acne in the neck is very annoying and can occur at any age. Especially adolescents can suffer from acne in the neck and people with a Mediterranean background may suffer from their 20 th and 30 th .

Acne in the neck can have multiple causes, such as ingrown hair, greasy hair, greasy T-shirt edges, sweat and the pressure of straps, such as those of a backpack.

To reduce acne in the neck, it is important to keep the skin and clothing as clean as possible. In addition, it is important to identify irritations such as straps, fabrics or hair products. This allows you to take steps to use other substances that irritate the skin less.

Also the dietary pattern that you have is a major cause of acne. If you eat regularly and eat fat, it can cause acne and worsen.

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