Breast enlargement

Fake Breasts or Real Breasts?

Breasts are beautiful, round and soft, small or large. Most big breasts are real and natural, but some are fake. The question is: How do you see the difference between ‘fake breasts’ and real breasts? After reading this article you will know all the tips and tricks to distinguish a real bosom from silicone breasts.

How do the breasts feel?

The easiest way to find out if breasts are real or fake is by feeling them. Real breasts feel smooth and soft. Fake breasts, on the other hand, feel a bit harder. Of course, it is very rare that you can feel about someone’s breasts to check whether they are real or fake. Fortunately, you can watch more things.

What shape do the breasts have?

Of course, you have breasts in all kinds and make them. Yet you can often see whether the breasts are real or fake. Indeed, real breasts are drop-shaped. This means that if a woman is standing upright, the breasts at the bottom and near the nipple area are round and full and flatter at the top.

Silicone breasts, on the other hand, will be about as full and round both at the bottom and at the top, especially when around the implant is placed, and pointing straight forward when a woman is standing.

You can also look at the shape of the breasts when a woman is lying on her back. The breasts should then lie flat and point a little to the side and towards the armpits. Fake breasts will continue to point a little forward when a woman is on her back.

How are the breasts hanging?

If a woman with real breasts hangs forward (this can be seen better if she does not wear a bra), her breasts also hang forward. The droplet shape comes forward well. With silicone breasts, chances are that if a woman hangs over, you will see wrinkles and bumps.

How symmetrical are the breasts?

In young women, the breasts can look perfectly symmetrical. But the older a woman becomes, the more her breasts will differ from each other. This may be due to hormonal changes, ageing, weight loss or weight gain. Breasts will ultimately never be perfectly symmetrical. If they do, you can doubt the authenticity.

What do the nipples look like?

Nipples can also betray whether the breasts are fake or real. Nipples are almost never exactly the same height with natural breasts. With nipples that hang at exactly the same height, you can doubt the authenticity.

Even when there are scars on the nipples, it is possible that the breasts are tinkered. Implants are usually inserted through a cut at the bottom of the breasts, but sometimes also through the armpit or lower edge of the nipple.

How do the breasts move?

Real breasts move more than fake breasts.

Cookie Warning: When you play this video, cookies may be placed on your device to allow your internet behaviour to be tracked by YouTube. Real breasts move a lot, especially large breasts. They go back and forth and up and down and they also distort a bit. Fake breasts move much less and, with movement, stay in place and point forwards.

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