Hemorrhoids Treatments

The Barron ligation treatment, also known as the elastic treatment, is performed in 75% of all haemorrhoid treatments because of the high success rate. Before the treatment is carried out an internal and external examination takes place. Then the mucous membrane is sucked up above haemorrhoid and tied off with an elastic band. The rubber bands loosen themselves and leave the body through the stool.

The treatment is not experienced as painful because the rubber bands are attached to the numb mucous membrane. However, some patients experience a feeling of whey in the lower abdomen after the elastic has been placed. It is also possible that you have some blood loss a few days after the Barron ligation treatment.

A small Incision

A small incision is made with external haemorrhoids. These haemorrhoids can be recognized by a purple or blue colour. The external hemorrhoid is experienced as very painful. By means of a small incision in the haemorrhoid, you will experience direct relief. The wound that remains after the incision gradually becomes closed again.

The first few weeks after treatment it can happen that you suffer from anal pain during the stool. In addition, you can suffer from wound fluid.

Surgical Cutting away of the Marisca

When the haemorrhoid is removed, it sometimes happens that a marisca is left behind: a skin flap around the anus. The marisca can leave stool residues in the underwear and you can experience a chronic itch. In this case, residues remain behind the skin flap after the faeces (the poops).

After the operation, it is important to keep the wounds that have arisen clean. It is recommended to take a bath several times a day or to clean the wound in the shower. Bowel movements can also be experienced as pain in the first few days.

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