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The Manual For All Beard Types

Congratulations, not everyone can grow a full beard. Yet you must remember that many hairs are accompanied by a lot of responsibility. People must remember the man, not the beard.

Tips –

Take care of the hair on your chin like the hair on your head. Wash your beard with a beard shampoo to wash away dirt and control stubborn hair. Wait to trim until your beard is completely dry. Wet hair behaves differently than dry hair. When it is dry, you have more control over your look.


You may never have heard of the term balbo – but you have certainly seen it.

If a beard and a moustache could have a child, it would have been the balbo. It is not a full beard, but ‘pieces’ hair in certain places around your face.

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This style ensures that your chin looks fuller – which makes it perfect for men with a narrow chin.

Tip: Do not let your hair grow too long and cut off the blades regularly. Note this style also on the sideburns, which are extra and should, therefore, be kept well. Actually, your sideburns should not go further than halfway through your ears.

This style can give a bit more definition to your jawline if you do not have much beard growth. Rule of thumb: the rounder your face, the thicker the border may be.

We advise you to keep the edge between 1 and 2 Cm. If you want to grow it, you can keep the edge a bit thicker, so that you can keep it tidy afterwards. This also prevents you from removing too many hairs.

Tip: use a razor with a knife to keep track of your look. Choose a trimmer with different positions to keep your hair all the same length.

The Manual For All Beard Types

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